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in-store specials

Marion Crepe(San Diego Store)

Apr 05 Sat - Apr 27 Sun

Crepe Patissiers from Harajuku, Tokyo Japan will cook a thin layer of crepe, fill with your favorite frui...read more

Strawberry Fest

Apr 10 Thu - Apr 23 Wed

Strawberry season has come!! All strawberry products are waiting for you... Fresh strawberry is also a...read more
strawberry fair

Kikkoman Fair (New Jersey)

Apr 10 Thu - Apr 23 Wed

Kikkoman Fair at New Jersey Store. Soy sauce, Ponzu Seasoned Citrus dressing & sauce, Curry Sauce, ...read more
kikkkoman fair


Apr 24 Thu - May 07 Wed

Ozeki Sake Fair! - Ozeki Seishu - Ozeki Karatanba Sake - Ozeki Komatsutatewaki Seishu - Ozeki Platinum ...read more
ozeki fair

Children’s Day Japanese Sweets & Snacks

May 01 Thu - May 05 Mon

Children's Day Special!! May 5th is Children's Day. Celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of childr...read more
childrens day sweets


Current Events...

Mom’s Portrait at Mitsuwa

Apr 17 Thu - Apr 30 Wed

I love mom!! Thank you mom!! Celebrate Mother's Day by greeting her and making her special by drawing her...read more
Mom's Portrait

Torrance Store 22nd Anniversary Event

Apr 24 Thu - Apr 27 Sun

Thank you for your continued business!! Our Torrance Store launched its 22nd Anniversary. Here are special...read more
TR Anniversary title

Future Events

Kid’s Day Event

May 03 Sat - May 04 Sun

Come and join us!! First Annual Mitsuwa Torrance "Kid's Day Event"! May 5th is "Kodomo no Hi" (Children's ...read more

Cooking Class in May (Torrance Store)

May 04 Sun

Surprise Mom for Mother's Day!! Cooking Class in May will be making your original Pancake for your mom...read more
May pancake

Past Events

Yamacho Hasegawa (New Jersey)

Apr 12 Sat - Apr 20 Sun

Yamacho Hasegawa from Hakodate, Hokkaido Japan will come to New Jersey Store for 9 days only!! If you h...read more
NJ Yamacho