Enter Japan
without leaving


At Mitsuwa Marketplace, you’ll be transported to the heart of Japan. The restaurants serve
authentic Japanese food and the shops offer the same items you’ll find today in Japan.

Gyutan Tsukasa

Gyutan Tsukasa, a popular restaurant that has carried on the traditional taste from Sendai Gyutan that originated 60 years ago, has arrived in America. We carefully select the region, slice, individually hand cut, and mature. We grill over our selected charcoal fire and use roasted barley imported from Japan, which has 20 times as much fiber than white rice. This is perfect to lower cholesterol and life-style related diseases. Our tail soup that has been simmered for a long time is filled with collagen, great for beautiful skin and recovering from fatigue. Please try our special Gyutan Teishoku.

Costa Mesa(714) 434-1023 11:00am – 8:30pm