Enter Japan
without leaving


At Mitsuwa Marketplace, you’ll be transported to the heart of Japan. The restaurants serve
authentic Japanese food and the shops offer the same items you’ll find today in Japan.

B-Bee Crepe & Boba

B-Bee Crepe&Boba,beloved Japanese-style crepe specialty restaurant located inside Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights,IL.
B-Bee Crepe specializes in authentically made crepes,where dairy whipping cream and Mascarpone cheese are combined to create a unique,addictive mixture of rich texture and extraordinary flavor. A diverse menu including fresh smoothies and tasty boba drinks is also available to match the store’s irresistible original crepes. With a relaxed atmosphere and an update in ingredients and menu, B-Bee Crepe is excited to continue providing the best crepes to crepe lovers both in the community and nationwide.

Chicago(224) 875-7577 11:00am -7:30pm