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Mitsuwa is the perfect place to celebrate the events of the season.
Bring your family and friends to enjoy an afternoon of Japanese culture.

Past Events

Customer Appreciation Event
Feb 10 Fri - Feb 20 Mon

Thank you for your continued loyal patronage. We will have special features with our ...read more

New Year’s Events
Jan 01 Sun

Please come to experience Japanese New Year traditions!! = Torrance store, Costa Mesa s...read more

Rising TOHOKU Food Fair (Torrance, San Jose, New Jersey Stores)
Nov 03 Thu - Nov 07 Mon

Japan's Tohoku region refers to the northeastern area of Honshu, the largest island in Jap...read more

OISHII FALL Fair (San Jose store)
Oct 06 Thu - Oct 12 Wed

OISHII FALL Fair at San Jose store! Enjoy our selection of items to welcome the fall ...read more

Oishii Gourmet Event (Torrance store)
Sep 29 Thu - Oct 03 Mon

Try fresh-made mochi, tasty soba noodles and more! * Mochi (Soy sauce, Kinako, etc....read more

OISHII FALL Fair (San Gabriel store)
Sep 23 Fri - Sep 25 Sun

OISHII FALL Fair at San Gabriel store! Please enjoy 3 days only specials. * Blufin...read more

HOKKAIDO GOURMET FAIR (Torrance, San Jose, New Jersey)
Sep 16 Fri - Sep 26 Mon

Thank the great nature for its blessings. Enjoy full of fruits of the sea and all Hokkaid...read more

Kyushu Fair
Aug 25 Thu - Aug 28 Sun

九州より自慢の逸品が揃いました。 お買い物の際に是非お立ち...read more

Summer Festival(New Jersey Store)
Aug 13 Sat

Let’s have fun with the Japanese Summer Festival at New Jersey Store. The most nost...read more

Summer Festival(Chicago Store)
Aug 13 Sat

Let’s have fun with the Japanese Summer Bon Dance Festival at Chicago Store. The mo...read more

Taste of Japan Food Fair (Torrance store)
Aug 12 Fri - Aug 14 Sun

Satisfy your appetite with our great selection of Japanese food! - KATTE DON - SHI...read more

Jul 29 Fri - Aug 07 Sun

First time ever! NAGOYA Fair is coming to Torrance and San Jose store. Award-winning Teba...read more

Japanese Gourmet Fair (Torrance, San Jose, New Jersey)
Jun 10 Fri - Jun 20 Mon

Here they come! "UMAI!" (Delicious!) from all over Japan! Let’s stroll down a premium g...read more

Dad’s Portrait at Mitsuwa
May 28 Sat - Jun 12 Sun

Happy Father's Day!! Celebrate Father's Day by making him special by drawing his port...read more

Japanese Sweets Fair (All California, Chicago)
Feb 26 Fri - Mar 03 Thu

Let's celebrate Girl's Day with delicious, traditional Japanese sweets! Also there ...read more

MIYAGI Fair (Torrance Store)
Jan 14 Thu - Jan 17 Sun

   The people of my home, Miyagi Prefecture in northern Japan, and I are gratefu...read more

New Year Event 2016 (Torrance, Costa Mesa, Chicago, New Jersey)
Jan 01 Fri - Jan 01 Fri

     <Mochitsuki (Mochi Pounding)> Mochitsuki is a one of the traditional ...read more

San Gabriel Store Anniversary Sale
Sep 17 Thu - Sep 23 Wed

Thank you for your continued business!! San Gabriel Store's Anniversary Sale with our...read more

Rising TOHOKU Food Fair in LA (Torrance Store)
Aug 20 Thu - Aug 23 Sun

Japan's Tohoku region refers to the northeastern area of Honshu, the largest island in J...read more

Japanese Gourmet Fair
Jun 12 Fri - Jun 22 Mon

        "UMAI!" (Delicious!) from all over Japan come in by the flocks! Let’s s...read more

Hawaiian Fair (Torrance Store)
May 22 Fri - May 24 Sun

Aloha!! Our second Hawaiian Fair is coming to Torrance Store. Enjoy various Hawaii...read more

Select varieties from Kochi, Japan!
Mar 26 Thu - Apr 09 Thu

Kochi prefecture is in located on the south coast of Shikoku island facing the Pacific...read more

Kyoto Fair (Torrance, New Jersey stores)
Mar 13 Fri - Mar 23 Mon

NOTICE: To valued customers, please be advised that some items of Kyoto Fair are behind...read more