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Niratama (Leek & Egg) Tofu

By Mitsuwa Marketplace on 09/28/2013

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Ingredients: For 4 servings
1/2 Leek
1 tbsp. Soy sauce
5 oz. Thin sliced pork
1/2 Salt
1/4 Boiled Bamboo shoot
1 tbsp. Sald Oil
1/2 Firm Tofu
1 tbsp. Sesame Oil
2 Egg


1. Remove excess water from Tofu. Beat eggs.
2. Cut leek and bamboo shoot into 2” long portions. Cut tofu into bite size.
3. Heat sald oil in a pan, stir-fry the tofu until it is brown. Sprinkle salt and take out from the pan.
4. Add sesame oil in a pan, add pork and cook then add leek, bamboo shoot and stir fry until leek become soft.
5. Add tofu (step 3) and sprinkle soy sauce.
6. Add egg and cook until egg become hard as you desire.