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Japanese Flour Dumpling Soup

By Mitsuwa Marketplace on 09/29/2013

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Ingredients: For 4 servings
4 Satoimo (Japanese Taro)
1/3 Burdock
1 Carrot
1/3 Daikon Radish
1/8 Pumpkin
2 bunck Komatsuna
3 shiitake Mushrom
1 Fried Bean curd
1.7 oz. Chicken Komagire
Green Oinon as desired
1 tbsp. Soup Stock glanules
3.5 oz. Miso Paste
6 cups Water
7 oz. Flour
1/3 tbsp. Salt
½ cup warm water


1. Mix flour and salt and add warm water and knead until the texture of an earlobe. Cut Komatsuna into 1.5” length portions.
2. Peel Burdock with the back of a knife and cut into 0.1” slices diagonally and cut other vegetables
into bite-size portions. Cut fried bean curd into 0.4” length portions.
3. Add water in a pot and boil, add soup stock , chicken vegetables. When daikon is cooked, add the half of miso paste
and whisk, cut desired size of dumpling with your hand and add in a pot.
4. If the dumpling became transparent, add rest of the miso paste, add komatsuna and cook briefly, then enjoy!