Mitsuwa Free Cooking Class for Kids

Mitsuwa Supports Healthy Living!!
We have free cooking class at Torrance store.
Thank you for your participation.
We will demonstrate how to cook Japanese food using various Japanese and other ingredients.
Please come and join us with your kids and become Japanese food expert!!

What a rare experience for kids!!
Are you interested?

Learn it! Try it! and Taste it!!

Next our cooking class will be at San Jose store in March.
cooking SJ 3.2017

Let’s make Teriyaki Chicken!!
Sponsored by kikkoman.

* Date: 3/26/2017(Sun) 9:30am~ session time is about 45 minutes.
* Place: Mitsuwa Marketplace San Jose store Food Court
* Eligibility: Children 5 years of age or older. Adult participation required.
* Participants: 15 pairs (about 30 people)
* Apron & Bandana giveaways to all participants.

* Due to limited space available for only 30 people(15 pairs). There will be a random drawing for seats to the Shoku-Iku class.
Please submit your application by 3/21. The participants who are selected will be notified by 3/22.
* Please note that only those who signed up for the Shoku-Iku class may participate in the cooking session.
Space is non-transferable; if you are unable to attend after being selected for the class, please notify us as soon as possible so that the next family on the waiting list.
* Thank you for your cooperation!


Cooking Class November/2016 (Rising TOHOKU Food Fair Special: Kid’s Lunch Plates) 

cooking-nov-2016-2 cooking-nov-2016

Cooking Class February/2016 (Temari Sushi) at Torrance, San Diego

cooking-Feb-TR2 cooking-feb-TR1
cooking-Feb-SD cooking-Feb

Cooking Class January/2016 Miyagi Fair Special (Miso Onigiri & Miso Soup)

cooking3-1-2016 cooking2-1-2016 cooking-1-2016

Cooking Class December/2015 (Holiday Tree)

cooking-Dec2 cooking-Dec

Cooking Class November/2015 (Kazari Sushi)

Cooking-Nov cooking-Nov2

Cooking Class October/2015 (Halloween Temari Sushi)

cooking-oct cooking-oct2

Cooking Class September/2015 (Ramen Salad)

cooking-sep cooking-sep2

Cooking Class August/2015 (Back to School Bento Lunch)

cooking-aug cooking-aug2

Summer Special Cooking Class in Costa Mesa Store July/2015 (Temari Sushi)

CM-special-cooking2 CM-special-cooking1

Summer Special Cooking Class in Santa Monica Store July/2015 (Temari Sushi)

cooking-spe-sm2 cooking-Spe-SM


Cooking Class in July/2015 (Temaki Hand Rolls)

cooking-july cooking-july2

Cooking Class in June/2015 (Wagyu Rice Burger)

cooking-june rice-burger

Cooking Class in May/2015 (Mother’s Day Pancake)

cooking_may2 cooking_may1

Cooking Class in April/2015 (Omusubi (Rice Balls))

cooking_apr1 cooking_apr2

Cooking Class in March/2015 (Homemade Mochi)

Mar_cooking1 mar_cooking2

Cooking Class in February/2015 (Choco Veggie)

Feb-shokuiku feb-shokuiku2

Cooking Class in January/2015 (Gyoza)

cooking-feb1 cooking-feb2

Cooking Class in December/2014 (Okonomiyaki)

okonomiyaki-min Okonomiyaki5-min

Cooking Class in November/2014 (Kazari Sushi)

kazari sushi-min kazari sushi2-min

Cooking Class in October/2014 (Wagyu Rice burger)

shokuiku Oct wagyu burger

Cooking Class in September/2014 (Bento box)

shokuiku Sep bento box

Cooking Class in August/2014 (Tofu Salad)

shokuiku Aug tofu salad

Cooking Class in July/2014 (Hand Roll Sushi)

Cooking July hand roll

Cooking Class in June/ 2014 (Cold Noodle)

cooking June cold ramen

Cooking Class in May/ 2014 (Pancake)

cooking may cooking may2

Cooking Class in April/ 2014 (Miso)

cooking apr2  cooking apr

Cooking Class in March/ 2014 (Temari Sushi)

cooking march temari sushi

Cooking Class in February/2014 (Omusubi rice balls)

Cooking Feb