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Cooked rice with Clams

By Mitsuwa Marketplace on 09/28/2013

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3 cups of Rice 2 tbsp. Mirin 14 oz. 14 oz. Unshelled Clam 3 tbsp. Soy Sauce
1 pack Shimeji Mushroom
½ tbsp. Salt
1 cup Soup Stock
1 tbsp. Squeeze of a ginger
2 oz. Sake
Ginger, Green Onion, White Sesame as needed


1. Rinse rice and drain in a strainer. (Prepare 30 minutes before you cook)
2. Let the clams spit the sand out and scrub the clams well. Put the clam, Sake into the pan and cook until clams open.
(Strain the liquid through a sleve) Remove the clam meat from the shells.
3. Discard base from Shimeji Mushroom and rinse. Cut ginger into thin strips like needles. Slice green onion into circles.
4. Put rice, shimeji mushroom, the liquid (step 2) and soup stock in a rice cooker and add water for 3 cups of rice. Add soy souce, mirin, and salt and cook rice.
5. Add clams and green onion, and needle-like ginger and mix well. Sprinkle white sesame and enjoy!