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Cold Shabu Shabu & Daikon Salad

By Mitsuwa Marketplace on 09/28/2013

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Ingredients: For $ servings
0.5 lb. Pork for Shabu Shabu
1/4 Daikon radish
4 Tomato
6 Ooba
1/2 cup Dried Bonito Flakes
Sesame Dressing Ponzu Dressing


1. Cut dalkon into "2" long thin stirps and pu in water.
2. Put tomato in a boiled water for 15 seconds and put into cold water, then peel. Shred Ooba finiely.
3. Boil Pork and put in iced water.
4. Spread daikon on a plate, place pork and sprinkle dried bonito flakes. Place tomato and garnish ooba on top.
5. Pour Ponzu sauce or Sesame dressing then enjoy!