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Clam Chowder with Mochi

By Mitsuwa Marketplace on 01/17/2014

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Ingredients: For 4 servings
15-20 bite-sized Mochi
7 oz. shelled short-necked Clam
2 Potato
1/2 Carrot
1 Onion
1/2 Celery
1 Bay Leaf
3 cups Consommé Soup Stock
(1.5 cubes Consommé Broth)
Olive Oil
Cake Flour
White Wine
Dairy Cream
Chopped Salt & Pepper as needed


1. Cut mochi into bite size.
2. Cut all vegetables into 0.5” cubes.
3. Heat olive oil in a pan and sauté vegetables. Add flour and sauté.
4. Add water and consommé cube, then cook for 10 minutes.
5. Add milk a little at a time and add clam then cook for 5 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste then add heavy cream and arrange mochi.
6. Sprinkle parsley and enjoy!