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Fried Pork Roll with Spring Vegetable and Cheese

By Mitsuwa Marketplace on 01/15/2014

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Ingredients: For 4 servings
7 oz. Field Mustard or other Spring Vegetables
12 slices Pork Chuck Roll
3 oz. Processed Cheese
2 tbs. Flour
Kelp Soup Stock as needed
2 beaten Eggs
1/3 cup Flour
3 cups Bread Crumbs
Oil as needed


1. Boil field mustard in salted water for 20 seconds and drain, then drizzle with kelp soup stock.
2. Cut processed cheese into thin sticks. Mix beaten egg and flour (1/3 cup) well.
3. Spread pork, arrange field mustard and cheese on it, and roll up.
4. Roll through flour, dip in the beaten egg, then roll through bread crumbs. Fry with 330F oil until brown on all sides.
5. Cut in half on the cross and enjoy!!