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Daikon & Chicken Pot-au-feu

By Mitsuwa Marketplace on 01/24/2014

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Ingredients: For 4 servings
1/2 Daikon
8 pcs. Chicken wings
1 Carrot
2 Celeries
2 Onions
1/4 Cabbage
2 Potatoes
4 pcs. Clove
2 Chicken broth (cube)
2 Bay Leaf
Salt & Pepper as needed
Whole-grain Mustard as needed


1. Cut daikon into 1” portions thin circles, and peel then cut them in half. Boil them for 5 minutes and rinse in water.
2. Peel carrot and cut in half then cut into 1” portions. Cut celery into 1” portions after remove the hard strings.
3. Cut onion in half crosswise, stud with a clove. Cut cabbage into thick slices.
4. Put chicken wings, daikon, carrot, celery, cabbage, and chicken broth cubes in a pot, pour in just enough water to cover and cook over high heat. After it boiled, skim the scum, then cook on low heat for 40 minutes.
5. Add salt, pepper, mustard to taste and enjoy!